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Dirt N' Iron Story:

What’s Up Guys!  My name is Rado and I started the Dirt N' Iron Youtube channel back in April 2016 with a desire to bring together like-minded people, become a continuing contributor to the dirt bike community, and acclimate new riders to the exciting sport of dirt bike-riding.

I have been blessed with three amazing kids, a loving wife, and an awesome  supportive environment, including you all from Youtube. 

I have been riding on two wheels since I was 10 years old.  It started off with rides on old JAWA and CZ bikes, since those were the only option back in Slovakia where I grew up together with my 2 brothers.  We would ride together, work on the bikes together, and were basically best friends. 

These experiences had a very positive impact in my life as I got to know many great people through motorbikes.  I learned, and am still learning, many skills of this wonderful sport and my hope is to share this passion through Dirt N’ Iron.  So let’s have some fun, spread the love, and stay Moto-vated!

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